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Dr.Onic Brand under Onic Enterprises is an international and independent manufacturer, specializing in ophthalmic, optometry, optical, dental, ENT and laboratory equipment and instruments. We also provide hospital furniture, lab glassware, and milk testing instruments.

Due to Covid-19 Pandemic , we also started manufacturing Covid-19 Supplies like bouffant cap , surgical face masks , plastic and non woven shoe covers , PP suit, surgical gowns , hospital aprons and bed sheets etc . People have been embracing our products and we have become the top rated Face mask manufacturers in India .

With over 10 extensive years of experience, Onic Enterprises guarantee to their customers reliable and performing equipment, which is referenced in most hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. Rigorous and loyal to our quality criteria, we are always ready to bring our know-how and special care to the manufacturing of our products.

Today we produce and sell over 3,000 references in 10,000 healthcare centers across the board. All our products are made in respect of professional use and for the welfare of the nursing of the patients.

Dr.Onic : The Essential Brand Of Onic Enterprises

The medical supplies are the heart of the daily practice of medicine. Dr.Onic medical equipment selected by health care professional meets hygiene and sterility requirements and standards for medical practices such as health and care facilities.

Onic Enterprises reference for you the essential Dr.Onic Brand in ophthalmic, optometry, optical, dental, ENT, hydro-alcoholic gel, tongue depressors, compresses, contact gel, examination sheets, needles, examination gloves, and many more products to exercise in the best conditions.

To find Dr.Onic product adapted to your needs, you can search by keywords directly in our integrated search engine. It is also possible to find Dr.Onic product you need based on the one you are used to. Whatever your medical specialty as your needs, you will necessarily find the appropriate medical equipment with Dr.Onic brand.

Listening, trust, cooperation, expertise, and innovation are our watchwords when establishing Dr.Onic Brand. Dr.Onic medical equipment is certified quality for general use as well as for a more specialized diagnosis: physiotherapy equipment, ENT, compression, electro stimulator, ECG, and many other laboratory equipment and instruments without exception hospital furniture, lab glassware, and milk testing instruments. With Dr.Onic Brand, Onic Enterprises got you perfectly covered.


From our humble beginning, Onic Enterprises was founded in 1966 by Dr.Onic, which is the major reason why we made the brand of his name i.e., Dr.Onic. He began to research and development in the medical field with a small team of professional doctors and engineers. His primary focus was to use the knowledge he gained to develop new and efficient inventions while making it as affordable as possible. The mission is to make the products accessible to professionals all around the globe. The company now employs over 200 specialists that work together each day to take medical science to a new level.

Our customers’ requirements are our foremost priority. Therefore, we provide our customers with high-quality products to enable them to perform their duties at an excellent standard. All of our products are ISO and CE certified by the United Kingdom body. Our international association sells to over 100 countries around the globe, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, UK, Germany, and many more. Our team of professionals focuses on customers of all sizes, from small businesses to large multinational establishments. To ensure the satisfaction of our customers, we have a dedicated customer care team that works to provide a solution to all issues.

Our Vision

To provide and maintain processes of international laboratory equipment and instruments based on knowledge, and developing new and efficient inventions while making it as affordable as possible.

Support 24/7

In order to give you the best services, Onic Enterprises offer support and emergency service at all times: day, evening, and weekends. We support our customers and partners at all times to minimize downtime and quality issues that equipment and instrument failure may cause. The support of your equipment by a team of experts allows us to ensure the resolution of problems as soon as possible.

Onic Enterprises provides high-quality products, fully customizable, and innovatively designed with reliable performance assurance.

To ensure that the design, control, receipt, and maintenance of these products are stress-free and effortless, Onic Enterprises offers dedicated service teams that provide additional support and guidance at every step. We are here to help you create the ideal product according to your own specifications, providing detailed technical manuals and illustrations, and gathering information to give you a complete theoretical and technical understanding of the system you have chosen.

Onic Enterprises’ warehouses and qualified staff guarantee fast and efficient delivery, with our 24-hour technical support team for the management of after-sales services.

Honesty, Loyalty, And Transparency

We believe in the importance of establishing authentic and loyal relationships. This is why we are committed to spreading clear and complete information both inside and outside the company, allowing each of our partners to make informed decisions.

Respect for Work

Human resources in Onic Enterprises represent a great asset. The company guarantees a peaceful working environment in which everyone can express their professional vocation.

The company values skills, potential, and commitment. It offers equal employment opportunities to all employees who are selected, hired, and managed based on criteria of competence and merit.

Payment Process:

We are specialists in the transformation and organic growth of companies through our brand. Our job is to support you in your development and that of your teams. Making your organization function as a driving force for progress. Hence, we design all payment process in the company name (Onic Enterprises). All payment gateways will be operated by Onic Enterprises to accelerate your trust, transformation, and development. We have identified significant factors that allow the growth of an organization through our product and services, and we support you in their structuring and control.


Why Cooperate with Us?

Onic Enterprises is constantly growing, has conquered and maintains a position at the top of the market and is firmly establishing itself abroad, pursuing a diversified strategy, capable of enhancing the different skills and characteristics of the company: over 10 years’ know-how, manufacturing passion, continuous process and product innovation, innovative forms of communication suitable for different interlocutors. Despite the rapid growth, our values always represent the foundations on which to develop and strengthen the corporate culture, sharing, and participation in the realization of the corporate vision and enhance our common feeling.

Vocation for Research and Innovation

We stimulate our people to apply the culture of innovation every day and at all company levels. We develop new products, new processes, and new solutions, in order to improve in all areas of interest a constant tension in the search for new and more effective solutions.

The Value of our Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics represents the set of our principles, values in which we believe and our way of working, with the primary objective of transmitting them to anyone who will have relations with our company, to orient our behavior and support possible uncertainties.