Matrix Autorefractometer R20+ With Touch Screen ISO CE ( 110-240V)

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  • Refractive Measuring Range: Sph: + 25D /Cyl : + 10D(0.12D or 0.25D step), Axis: 1~ 180 degree( 1 degree step) , Measurement Mode: Automatic or Manual (selectable from Monitor) IOL
  • Vertex Distance: 0,12,13.5 or 15 mm (selectable) ,Min. Measurable Pupil Diameter: Ø 2.00 mm , Measurable Papillary Distance(PD): 30 ~ 85 mm( 1 mm step), Automatic
  • Fixation Target: Scientifically designed auto-fogged scenic picture , Printer: Fast thermal printer with easy paper load facility , Internal Monitor: 5.7inch bright color LCD monitor
  • Shifting Range: Back & forth : ±19 mm, right & left : ±44 mm, Up & dn : ±19 mm, Chin & rest : ±30 mm, Power Saving Function: OFF /5 min or 15 min(selectable)

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Matrix Autorefractometer R20+ Dual CCD Camera technology with 5.7inch and hi-resolution color LCD display. Its provide an accurate and wide measuring range with its two selected mode ie. Auto & manual mode of measurement. Both corneal curvature in mm and corneal power in Diopter is available. Scientifically designed scenic Fixation target with auto fogging technology can even measure smallest pupil of 2mm size. On-screen display of 10 measurement per eye with PD & average data for subjective test. Easy one key locking knob which help to prevent un-wanted movement over base during intermittent use. As per user choice there is a friendly parameter settings . It is built with reliable and fast thermal printer with easy paper loading features. Latest SMPS power supply system which allows working perfect even at low voltage or fluctuating supply voltage. It is compatible with MATRIX CV-7000,auto vision tester(Auto phoropter).

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Dimensions 80 × 70 × 60 cm


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