Ophthalmic Ocuplastic Surgery Instruments Set of 35 Pcs Including Wooden Case ISO CE

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Brand : Dr.Onic

No of Ocuplastic Instruments in Set : 35


Material : Stainless Steel

Shipping Worldwide : DHL/FEDEX

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Ophthalmic Ocuplastic Surgery Instruments Dr.Onic Oculplastic Surgery Instruments are made by Stainless Steel . This set is ISO CE by United Kingdom. One set cotains 35 instruments including wooden case .

Instruments Lists Contains in One Set Mentioned Below : 

Lester-Burch Eye Speculum, Schepens Orbital Retractor, Desmarres Lid Retractor #2. Scleral Shield Jaeger Lid Plate, Wright Fascia Needle, Knapp Retractor, 4-prong, Blunt, Meyerhoefer Curette #3 Bunge Evisceration Spoon, Stainless Steel Ruler, Stevens Scissors, straight, Enucleation Scissors, curved, Tissue Forceps, 1×2, straight, Downes Lid Clamp, Francis Chalazion Forceps, Hartmann Mosquito Forceps, straight (2), Castroviejo Needle Holder, straight w/ lock, Kalt Needle Holder Freer Periosteal Elevator, West Lacrimal Chisel, straight, Wilder Lacrimal Dilator, Bowman, LacrimalProbe -1, Bowman LacrimalProbe -2, Bowman LacrimalProbe -3, Pigtail Probe, Bard-Parker Handle # 3, Bard-Parker Blade #11, Bard-Parker Blade #15, Sterilizing Case, Castroviejo Caliper , Graefe Muscle Hook, Fixation Hook, Ptosis Lid Clamp, 6-pin, concave.

Manufactured By Onic Enterprises

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 35 × 20 × 8 cm


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